Top Travel Tips

What we’ve learned during our full time motorhome travel adventures

We’ve already made the mistakes, so you don’t have to!

Hi, we are Callum, Philippa & Theodore (the travel cat). We left our little Island of Jersey, in the English Channel, in September 2019 to live in our motorhome and travel full time. Things have gone wrong, we’ve made mistakes & learned a lot along the way.

Motorhome Cooking

Living in a motorhome full time is just like having a mini house, but on wheels. So what equipment do you need in your mini kitchen? I love to cook, I mostly cook from scratch and we are lucky to have an oven, hob and grill in our motorhome. If you are in a smallerContinue reading “Motorhome Cooking”

All Weather Van Life Tips

How to keep warm & cool in a van or motorhome We’ve all seen the #vanlife photos of beautiful rainbow coloured sunsets, sunny days spent on white sandy beaches and relaxing by crystal clear water but what you don’t usually see are the rainy days spent inside your van, driving through crazy storms with zeroContinue reading “All Weather Van Life Tips”

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