Homeward Bound

Returning to Jersey Pt 1 From our new home in Portugal we had been keeping an eye on travel restrictions, covid levels and ‘R numbers’. Watching and waiting for our opportunity to make a break and head back to Jersey for the first time since we left in September 2019, when the world was aContinue reading “Homeward Bound”

New Home, Tiny Home

Kitchen Renovation We’ve been living in our new home now for about a month and we are loving it! Some days we do miss the adventures and excitement of new experiences of travelling full time in the motorhome but right now, this is where we need to be. As I’m sure you know, the numberContinue reading “New Home, Tiny Home”

Our home in the Sun

Portugal Pt 2 Travelling by ourselves, making our own decisions and only having to worry about what we want to do has been a hugely positive part of our travel adventures (it’s definitely brought us closer together as a couple) but there is nothing like spending time with friends, especially in times of stress. WeContinue reading “Our home in the Sun”


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About Us

We left our lives in Jersey in 2019 to travel around Europe in our Motorhome, you can read all about that in our blog. By the end of 2020 we were looking for new adventures and a safe place to call home in the midst of coronavirus restrictions and with Brexit looming in 2021. We found that new home in Portugal. Read about our Portuguese adventures, renovating our new tiny home and starting our new lives in the sun.

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