Best paid for activities in Europe

Our favourite things that we’ve paid to do this year What is travel about if it’s not experiencing new things that you probably can’t do or find elsewhere? Over the past 12 months we have been able to try so many fantastic activities and experiences, all over Europe. Here’s a list of our favourites: Tobotronc,Continue reading “Best paid for activities in Europe”

Saving the World One Park Up at a Time

Responsible van life We left sunny Jersey in September 2019 to travel Europe in our motorhome. We were excited to have so many beautiful places to see but unfortunately along with that came SO much litter. After the crisp, clean mountains and forests of Germany, Austria and Slovenia we found this to be especially trueContinue reading “Saving the World One Park Up at a Time”

Top 10 Tech Tips for Full Time Van Life

Life on the open road, downsizing and the minimalist lifestyle seems all well and good, but let’s face it: there’s no getting away from tech. Whether it’s finding that perfect camera to take photos with, being able to work from the road or just finding your next camping spot, having the right bit of kitContinue reading “Top 10 Tech Tips for Full Time Van Life”

The best apps for full time travel life in Europe

Labour saving apps are a part of every day life when you live in a bricks and mortar house (Deliveroo, Uber, Ebay, Ring… I could go on). It’s no different when you spend your life on the road, and we’ve found that certain apps make our lives a LOT easier. We’ve compiled a quick listContinue reading “The best apps for full time travel life in Europe”

What do you really need for full time van life?

*Contains affiliate links. If you purchase any of the below items using these links it won’t cost you any more but we may get a small %* Let’s talk about motorhome equipment & what we actually need. When you live full time in your motorhome (or van) storage is hugely important. What we have withContinue reading “What do you really need for full time van life?”

One month of full time travel- what Instagram doesn’t show you

We are one month into full time travel in our motorhome around Europe. It has certainly been the best decision for us, but it’s not always how it seems on social media! Here are a few things we’ve already found out… Travelling is tiring! In our first month we drove about 2000 miles, that wasContinue reading “One month of full time travel- what Instagram doesn’t show you”