French France and Feline Frustrations

* WARNING: Contains miscarriage, medical and coronavirus events * After 9 weeks of quarantine in Spain it was such a relief to arrive at our friend’s house near Dinan, in France. It had taken three days of non stop driving from southern Spain to finally be with people that we knew & where we wouldContinue reading “French France and Feline Frustrations”

When full time travel goes very wrong

Motorhome travelling in Spain Pt 2 After 4 months of our European travels, meeting up with our Argentinian travel friends again and our little side adventure to Andorra we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. We’d learned to relax, slow down and say “yes” more often. The travel life was becoming our ‘normal’, the motorhomeContinue reading “When full time travel goes very wrong”

Travel rule number 2: Just say “Yes”

Our side adventure to country number 16, Andorra After an extended stay in Malta over Christmas 2019 & New Year 2020 we spent 4 days travelling to Spain consisting of 2 x 24-36hr ferries and a day driving up the west coast of Italy. We were exhausted when we finally arrived in Spain in theContinue reading “Travel rule number 2: Just say “Yes””

Winter in Greece Pt1

Full time van life and travelling in Greece, December 2019 After thunderstorms and a crazy 10 days travelling through 4 countries we finally arrived in Greece. Neither of us had visited mainland Greece before, I had only been to Corfu for a girls holiday. Apart from the history, architecture and myriads of statues we didn’tContinue reading “Winter in Greece Pt1”

When Travel Life Doesn’t Go To Plan

Our initial plan was to spend one week in Croatia, then a week each in Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania on our way down to Greece. What actually happened was that we eventually spent 3 weeks in Croatia then zoomed through the other 3 countries in 3 weeks and were actually in all 4 countriesContinue reading “When Travel Life Doesn’t Go To Plan”

Learning to Slow Down

Exploring Austria, Slovenia & Croatia- October 2019 Since we’d known each other our lives in general had always been busy, crazy busy. I had always been juggling several jobs at a time: working for myself, running several businesses with my business partner AND working as a nanny for one or more families. Callum was divingContinue reading “Learning to Slow Down”

Full Time Travel Life? Ready, Set, Go!

Lessons from our first month of full time Van Life When we started our travel adventure in September 2019 we had a vague plan. We knew our first stops would be with friends (in France & Belgium), that Callum wanted to show me Amsterdam (he’d been before, I hadn’t) and that we needed to beContinue reading “Full Time Travel Life? Ready, Set, Go!”