Best of Our First Year

Over the pst 12 months we’ve explored 20 countries in Europe. Find out our favourite places to visit, things to see and what we’ve learned along the way

Top 6 Natural Wonders of Europe

In our first year of travelling full time we have visited 20 countries which means we have been to A LOT of fantastic places! We love natural beauty; magnificent mountains, raging rivers, spectacular seas, luscious lakes, gigantic gorges, breathtaking backdrops and sensational sunsets. Here our our absolute favourites from the past 12 months… Schwarzwald (BlackContinue reading “Top 6 Natural Wonders of Europe”

6 of Europe’s Best Builds

Our favourite man made attractions We like to spend our time wild camping, climbing mountains, cycling through forests and swimming in pools of natural water so manmade structures aren’t usually where we gravitate to. Sometimes though we come across feats of human engineering that make us say “Wow!” You’ll find a list of our favouriteContinue reading “6 of Europe’s Best Builds”

Van Life Realities

Alright, let’s get real. We LOVE living in our motorhome and know that we are lucky to be living a life where we can travel full time. To complain about it at all does seem like ‘1st world problems’ but we also want to be completely honest, especially if anyone is reading our blog toContinue reading “Van Life Realities”

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