Our Top 5 European Countries (so far)

One of the things that we love about travelling is the different people, cultures and places that we are able to visit on a daily basis. Inevitably, when people find out that we’ve been travelling for a year, there’s one question: “Which is your favourite country?” Usually the “correct” answer is whichever country we’re inContinue reading “Our Top 5 European Countries (so far)”

Our Top 6 European Cities

Neither of us are particularly “city people” but every so often there’s a metropolis that makes us stop and explore. Driving and parking our motorhome in most cities is usually very difficult so we try to avoid driving into city centres as much as possible, which is why we travel with two foldable electric bikes.Continue reading “Our Top 6 European Cities”

Top 6 Natural Wonders of Europe

In our first year of travelling full time we have visited 20 countries which means we have been to A LOT of fantastic places! We love natural beauty; magnificent mountains, raging rivers, spectacular seas, luscious lakes, gigantic gorges, breathtaking backdrops and sensational sunsets. Here our our absolute favourites from the past 12 months… Schwarzwald (BlackContinue reading “Top 6 Natural Wonders of Europe”

6 of Europe’s Best Builds

Our favourite man made attractions We like to spend our time wild camping, climbing mountains, cycling through forests and swimming in pools of natural water so manmade structures aren’t usually where we gravitate to. Sometimes though we come across feats of human engineering that make us say “Wow!” You’ll find a list of our favouriteContinue reading “6 of Europe’s Best Builds”

“You can’t take that up there”

Top 7 places to take your motorhome (if you’re feeling adventurous) It’s important to know your limits, both those of the vehicle & the driver(s) & it has taken us nearly a year of full time motorhome travel to learn ours but as the saying goes – “life begins at the edge of your comfortContinue reading ““You can’t take that up there””

The best things you can do in Europe for free

Our favourite free activities from a year of full time motorhome travel around Europe One of the questions we’re asked most often is how can we afford to travel full time? It took about 2 years of preparation, lots of extra hours of working extra jobs and selling nearly everything that we own but alsoContinue reading “The best things you can do in Europe for free”

Best paid for activities in Europe

Our favourite things that we’ve paid to do this year What is travel about if it’s not experiencing new things that you probably can’t do or find elsewhere? Over the past 12 months we have been able to try so many fantastic activities and experiences, all over Europe. Here’s a list of our favourites: Tobotronc,Continue reading “Best paid for activities in Europe”

French France and Feline Frustrations

* WARNING: Contains miscarriage, medical and coronavirus events * After 9 weeks of quarantine in Spain it was such a relief to arrive at our friend’s house near Dinan, in France. It had taken three days of non stop driving from southern Spain to finally be with people that we knew & where we wouldContinue reading “French France and Feline Frustrations”