Lockdown, Pandemic and the Great Escape

*Contains pandemic, pregnancy & miscarriage events* March-May 2020 In the middle of March 2020 we knew very little about this new ‘coronavirus’ that had started in China and made it’s way to Italy. We had just been just travelling around southern Spain, in our usual laid-back manner, leaving our new friends near Cartegena to meetContinue reading “Lockdown, Pandemic and the Great Escape”

Covid, Brexit and Big Decisions

Portugal Pt 1 I still have a little bit to write about from our full time motorhome travels but right now the most important thing that has happened is… we have moved to Portugal! Our last blog was about celebrating our first year of full time travel and meeting up with friends from home, backContinue reading “Covid, Brexit and Big Decisions”

New Friends in New Countries

Motorhoming in Denmark post coronavirus, summer 2020 After our ‘release’ from lockdown in Spain & France and a couple of weeks pet sitting in Belgium, we were ready to head back out in Stevie (our motorhome) and explore this new ‘post covid world’. Scandinavia had been on our list before we even started travelling butContinue reading “New Friends in New Countries”

How much does full time travel cost?

What most people want to know is: how much has a year of full time travelling cost us? It’s your lucky day as we look back over the past 12 months and break down exactly how much we’ve spent. This doesn’t take into account the purchase of the motorhome, initial insurance, van equipment (including ourContinue reading “How much does full time travel cost?”

French France and Feline Frustrations

* WARNING: Contains miscarriage, medical and coronavirus events * After 9 weeks of quarantine in Spain it was such a relief to arrive at our friend’s house near Dinan, in France. It had taken three days of non stop driving from southern Spain to finally be with people that we knew & where we wouldContinue reading “French France and Feline Frustrations”