We are RV Man Vyi

Life is too short! We sold everything we own, left our life behind, bought a motorhome and now we are travelling Europe with our cat.

We are Callum & Philippa, a husband & wife from Jersey in the Channel Islands. It took a lot to get us here but now we are loving the travel life!

The escape plan started in the summer of 2018. Lots of things in our life were holding us back. We were both working every hour that we could and were drained from being constantly “on” with no end in sight. Our busy lives were affecting both of us; mentally, physically and emotionally. Something had to change.

Eventually hypothetical conversations turned into planning sessions, and by the end of the year we’d read so many blogs and travel vlogs that we knew we were headed for a road trip. It also became clear that if we were taking our cat (Theodore) too, we needed something larger than a converted van. The initial plan was to go travelling for six months, although the more preparation we did, the more it made sense for us to leave for a year or more.

By Christmas 2018 we’d started setting our life up for travel and everything began to fall into place; we handed in our notices at work, started to tell our friends and family our plans and made lists (so many lists!) of everything we’d need to do. The first thing we needed was a motorhome – we started looking for a 4 berth van to give us room to live and work without being on top of each other.

After a few months of searching, we found a motorhome for sale locally, which meant we knew the seller, could go back to them with any issues and could try it before we bought it. It was much bigger than we’d planned- 6 berth but with everything we wanted & more. We started to sell everything that we owned; by March we had no sofa, TV or anything on our shelves. With 3 months to go all we had left was our bed, kitchen and computer. One month before we left, Philippa had moved into the motorhome with Theodore but the flat had still not been sold. Our boat to France was booked, we had sold, donated or given away our clothes, the car, motorbike, businesses and nearly all our posessions. It was freeing, exciting and terrifying at the same time. The last 3 months in Jersey were ridiculously stressful; our travels depended on the flat sale to finally go through & that had fallen through twice already. The day before our boat left we signed the flat sale paperwork. We were finally free to go!

Our blog name comes from a phrase in Jersey’s local dialect, Jèrriais. “Man Vyi” literally means “My Old (friend)”, and is used as a term of endearment in the Island. After all, it’s true what they say – you can take the people out of Jersey, but you can’t take Jersey out of people!

Travel life isn’t always as glamorous as Instagram makes out, but we can promise it will be an adventure. From sunsets and beach bonfires to flat tires and wrong turns, we’d love you to come along for the ride – See you out there!

C, P & T

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